Hello, I'm NOISEPRISM. Some say I have a talent for breathing depth and complexity into playful novel things. The content on this site is divided into my own brands. These include brands under my "artwork" within the creative disciplines I practice, the digital "music" I create, and a blog where I share original "ideas" for Pop Futurist media applications.


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Frog on a Wire

September 13, 2021


This work in an ongoing series inspired by Jazz. I pay a lot of attention and attach a lot of sentimentality to Graphic Design. Graphic designers motivate us to buy through the use of emotionally charged stories. As opposed to the forethought of selling something though, I let the process of discovery and my own visual preferences guide me while I’m working. I make symbolic connections in the moment, like a painter. I’m relating memories to pictures and then taking actions to make connections in my mind based on the formal constraints of the composition. You can think of this as Visual Jazz, it’s improvisational symbolism that form an emotionally charged self motivated story.






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Art Meltdown: A Plea for an End to Media Consolidating

August 28, 2021

If there is one thing I’d like to see change in the next few years, it’s our dependency on renting digital media. We became culturally powerless as soon as we detached images, music, video, art, and interactive media from their physical form. Companies have been doing all in their power…