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"NOISEPRISM" is my Music moniker. For more information about who I am, visit my personal site Cody Pallo. For information about my network of projects, visit NON-YAWN-A-THON.


Where the Birds Fly

Genre: Rocktronic • Year: 2020

For my first EP, I took inspiration from my move back to Southern California from Portland, Oregon. Although this release is a little darker than I'm looking to express in the future, it still involves a stylistic approach that I plan to evolve more going forward.

  • More Fear NOISEPRISM - Where the Birds Fly 2:38
  • The Corner of My Eye NOISEPRISM - Where the Birds Fly 2:59
  • The Milestone NOISEPRISM - Where the Birds Fly 2:14
  • Home Bound NOISEPRISM - Where the Birds Fly 3:22



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