NOISEPRISM is a machine that produces sound bubbles which float through the void, enter your ears, and pop within your head.

Full Length

Mixed Feelings

The concept of this album was derived from chopping up the dialog from the movie "Coquette" (1929). Each chunk had a song that accompanied it. The titles were just a summary of the scene. I got as far as the climax of the film and lost steam for the project. So I removed the dialog from the tracks and let them fall into alphabetical order. Feel free to make up your own story.

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  • A Drive to the Dance Mixed Feelings 2:22
  • Daddy's Office Mixed Feelings 3:14
  • Drinkin' and Gambling Mixed Feelings 2:51
  • He Was So Mad Mixed Feelings 2:58
  • I Do So Love Flowers Mixed Feelings 4:42
  • I'd Like To Stay Mixed Feelings 3:46
  • I'll Be Waiting Mixed Feelings 4:22
  • I'll Send Her Out Mixed Feelings 3:31
  • Just Like Heaven Mixed Feelings 4:34
  • Let's Sit and Talk Mixed Feelings 3:16
  • My Darling Coquette Mixed Feelings 1:30
  • Oh Shut Up Mixed Feelings 2:39
  • Speak Alone Mixed Feelings 2:26
  • The Rabbit Ramble Mixed Feelings 3:30
  • Where's Daddy Mixed Feelings 3:20

Fake Rock n' Roll

This album is named after my interpretation of the style of these tracks. It's a little Rock n' Roll but nothing the average die hard Rock n' Roll fan would probably ever listen too.

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  • Fake Rock n' Roll Fake Rock n' Roll 3:29
  • Flaming Haystacks Fake Rock n' Roll 3:43
  • Pictured People Fake Rock n' Roll 3:58
  • Uneven Shape Fake Rock n' Roll 3:45
  • All Great and All Fake Rock n' Roll 3:18
  • Burn Hard Trust Fake Rock n' Roll 4:03

Portal to Pretendland

This album is about imagination. Like the idea of a portal to an alternate reality. The cover image is of a tire... in one sense it goes on a car and has a role in travel and in another, its round like the popular concept of a portal tends be.

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  • Quiet as Time Portal to Pretendland 2:51
  • Gushing Sentimental Portal to Pretendland 2:17
  • Sunken Moons Portal to Pretendland 1:52
  • Brittle Darkness Portal to Pretendland 2:01
  • Puppy Alone Portal to Pretendland 4:11
  • Vast Horizon Portal to Pretendland 2:43
  • Heavy Flood Gates Portal to Pretendland 3:20
  • Box of Gold Portal to Pretendland 2:23
  • Ravaging Heat Portal to Pretendland 1:41


Cut My Own Bangs

This album is simply a couple of tracks that didn't make the cut on the album "Fake Rock n' Roll". I recently revisited them and found they were quality songs which deserved their own release.

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  • Angles Solitude Cut My Own Bangs 3:36
  • Said the Sand Cut My Own Bangs 4:46

Robots Reading Poetry in the Nude

This single is a proof of concept that I came up with ages ago and just finally resurrected. The idea is to make extremely short Sci-fi Stories and Poems set to music.

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  • The Nested Travelers Robots Reading Poetry in the Nude 4:29
  • Escape to Reality Robots Reading Poetry in the Nude 5:50


The Meaning of NOISEPRISM

The name "NOISEPRISM" is inspired by the random collection of noises and moving light dots the original tube television's made when there wasn't a broadcast signal. This experience represents, in many peoples minds, our desire to find clarity when we lack meaning. "NOISEPRISM" embodies synthesizing what is invisible, the broadcast signal that while there or not, connects both creator and audience though our imagination.


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