My creative approach is to juxtapose logic with nonsense in order to simultaneously guide and inspire the viewer experiencing the work. I encourage people to attempt to decipher what they may perceive as a primary message or moral intention. Although with most art, viewers determine their own meaning, I add a little extra guidance. 

I lead viewers along a visual path with Authorial Design (a mix of Illustration and Graphic Design) and Semiotics (the study of Symbols.) By using Interactive elements, line of sight, and audio references the person immersed chooses which route to travel and forms their own conceptual adventures along the way. My intention is for these experiences to be less about the destination and more about a journey of the senses.



NOISEPRISM is a machine that produces sound bubbles which float through the void, enter your ears, and pop within your head.

It is also my Media Art moniker (A.K.A.: Cody Pallo). For more information about who I am, visit my personal site below.