There are individuals in this world who have a number of intense interests, above average skills, and a list of accomplishments to go along with it. My interests are; Music, Art, Design, and Technology.  I am constantly evolving my own approach to these disciplines.

I’ve worked in related fields for the past 25 years as a professional Creative Technologist (Designer and Programmer), among other titles. Bringing all these interests together in an effort to pursue an art career is my current focus.  At 46 I am inspired to make this happen and continue progressing my work into the foreseeable future. I met an incredible artist, Thomas Zummer, at the Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, in San Francisco, where I worked in 2003. I had to learn to understand his art theoretically during the installation. He inspired me with his polymath list of skills, and I adopted him as somewhat of a personal vision of what I would like to become someday.

Going to School for New Media at the School of Media Arts and Fine Art at Art Center College of Design was my first step. Afterward I fell into technology work in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles where I worked on internet and then AR/VR technologies. I achieved my early design and technology goals which were working at a magazine, Dwell, and Character, a popular San Francisco design firm.  I have written articles and consulted on some of the top innovations in the industry since then and continue to nurture my interests in the world of future innovations. Now, freedom of expression is at the forefront of my future goals.

Music has been a journey of understanding new technologies, and art has been a path toward understanding myself and my relationships. Design and Technology are still very much a part of my work as well. You will see that as a thematic element as I evolve along down this road in the years to come. My work is meant to stimulate joy with humor and a zesty aesthetic. To me this is what makes a successful art work and personally I don’t feel there are enough practicing this approach in the world. I work through my challenges cathartically with my craft. As I create, I address my life decisions and the related difficulties through meditation during the art making process. In many ways my work establishes the groundwork for my approach to my future decisions.


The name "NOISEPRISM" is inspired by the random collection of noises and moving light dots the original tube television's made when there wasn't a broadcast signal. This experience represents, in many peoples minds, our desire to find clarity when we lack meaning. "NOISEPRISM" embodies synthesizing what is invisible, the broadcast signal that while there or not, connects both creator and audience though our imagination.


  • 2009 - 2010: Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, Fine Art
  • 1995 - 2006: School of Media Art, Santa Barbara, CA, Media Art

Group Exhibitions

  • 2000: Focused on the Forum, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA
  • 2000: Una Fiesta Del Arte, Perch, Santa Barbara, CA
  • 2000: Caffeinated, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA
  • 1999: Focused on the Forum, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA


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  • The Independent, Duncan Wright, "CAF up Late", 05/18/2000


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