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Cross Reality Avatars

Format: 2D Collages
July 4, 2019

This work is about the intersection between inanimate objects and human beings. I'm fascinated by the creative communication potential of XR (Cross Reality) Technologies. Communicating with an avatar is still so primitive and emotionless, this work is an attempt at infusing personality. 


Format: 2D Collages
July 15, 2017

This work was inspired by the paper pads in stationary stores used to test various pens. I've noticed that sometimes these collective art pieces acquire complex compositional qualities, reminiscent of abstract expressionism. I'm interested in this idea of sharing a space and having the opportunity to express yourself with others within that space.


Format: 2D Collages
January 1, 2000

This work was inspired by the dating related confusion I had during the time I made these. The scenes depict symbolic elements that are derived from my own personal experiences at the time. They do not tell stories as much as infer context to a complex series of emotional frustrations.