Capsule Toy Machine

May 7, 2021

This work contains concept art and 3D renders for Product Designs I have created which have a certain level of artistic expression to them. My work tends to blur the functional and artistic, I felt this was a great way to explore the cross over.


August 15, 2020

Tictell is my exploration into illustrative photomontage. The goal of this work is to make something exceedingly boring look interesting. The inspiration comes from catalogs and mailers with bland topics such as medical or grocery store displays.

Vision Sugar

September 1, 2019

Vision Sugar is my work in digital collage over the years. I let the act of discovery lead me to the final composition. I also combine some of my abilities in graphic design and illustration to make the collages look more polished.


April 1, 2017

Toyphonics is a look into the concept of what I call "Outsider Toys." Outsider Toys are the budget novelties you find in non-toy store settings that have a peculiar spin to them. My approach is to make and assemble them by hand as more craft item rather than manufactured. This is to give them more of a holistic authenticity.

Ringin' Jinkies

December 1, 2014

Ringin' Jinkies is my work that includes any game I have made which uses web technologies or HTML. These games are short and free to play. They typically revolve around some obscure theme that's hard to pin down. The idea is that even if a game doesn't seem to make sense it can still be fun. The games for this project can be found at

Rubber Acorn

September 1, 2013

Rubber Acorn is a collection of digital publications I have done. The topic of interest is specifically books and magazines about the Creative Arts. These topics range from Music, Art, Video Games, Product Design, and so on.

Tiny Being

January 1, 2010

Tiny Being is a collection of my art created using physical materials. This includes works of sculpture, prints, drawings, paintings, mixed media, etc. This work is primarily inspired by the odd assortment of items that can be found in thrift stores.

Mixing Numbers

February 1, 2005

Mixing numbers is my exploration into hardware synths and game console music. This work includes the use of any sound gear and gadgets that do not utilize modern software instruments to generate the audio. The only thing the computer is used for in this instance is recording the input from the mixer and burning the media to disc.


October 1, 1996

Arcane is my work in music merchandise and analog media. This encompasses anything from records and cassettes to shirts and stickers. The idea is to create items that can be collected. By bypassing the illusions of digital media, this work favors a more tangible form of historical reference.



Crypto Collectables

Not all items for sale are available in the sales section. If you have a specific item you're interested in, please contact me through the sales form on the individual page for that media piece.


You Own It

The art you buy here is yours, it can be viewed and sold in many well known Crypto-collectable marketplaces where you can set a price and sell the works specific to your collection. Once purchased, I will transfer a deed of intellectual property ownership, which we both must sign. It will then be your responsibility to reregister it legally if you wish to retain rights to it.

Buy & Sell

The link above directs you to a website which facilitates the buying and selling of NFT's. There you can buy and sell high resolution JPEG images, gLTF 3D models, and WAV audio files that I have created. If you do not see it for sale, feel free to view my collection tab and make a request.


What You'll Need

In order to buy and sell NFT's you will need an Ethereum Wallet. These can range from the popular Coinbase Wallet for mobile iOS and Android to the also well known Metamask Google Chrome Extension for Desktop.