Don't Kill the Poor, Please

January 5, 2023
By Cody Pallo

With as many technology people in the world as there is, I always find it amazing how hard it is to accomplish anything without the assistance of a corporate device or service. Does anyone realize the impact of this on the world, especially with regard to small business and impoverished people? Think of it this way, what if the people who used to own small businesses now drive delivery for a corporation that took their ability to generate gainful income on their own. Have you ever wondered what would happen if a said giant corporation stopped paying these workers a reasonable wage and then jacked up prices of their monopoly on food and clothing. Or say you ticked off a major software maker or hardware company and they revoked your license to use their technology, yet there were no other options but theirs. Or say people paid extra for internet service tiers that would empower them to live a better life, but couldn't afford it.

I went to a rich kids school and I’ll tell you some of those in power feel life is more valuable in some countries, including America, than it should be. I find that some of the extremely wealthy I’ve met, consider underprivileged people a burden to society. These are the same people who feel endorsing polluting the atmosphere with petroleum and running toxic sewage into peoples drinking water is OK. Killing economically challenged people doesn’t save the world from their families wrongs. Sure it would be nice if less poor people polluted with the devices made for them and then didn’t turn to crime to survive when things get hard. Killing them silently is wrong though.

I see more homeless in Portland than anywhere I’ve ever been, I also know people in social services. Many economically challenged individuals who I’ve talked to are a victim of circumstance. Read the book “Scarcity” and you’ll discover that being poor deteriorates peoples intelligence and the loop they are caught in is often involuntary and insurmountable. Do yourself a favor and the rest of the world too and contribute to helping someone less well off. Competing with corporations may sound absurd but so does contributing to the rising desperation in this world. If wealthy people were smarter they wouldn’t be encouraging people to rise up and kill or defecate in our street, or break into our cars. You’ve seen Portland on TV, people here are not the only one’s who are sick of it.

For all of you into making innovative technology, don’t sell your products if they take power from underprivileged people. Attempt to open source whatever you make in some way, if at all possible. There’s still money to be made, just not how you’d traditionally approach it. Create more options for people with your inventions, or else society as a whole is guilty of socioeconomic genocide, including those with tech jobs. You can help more than you think. You may not want to work at a food bank or recycle, but you can empower with your skills and creative innovations and better the world if you put your mind to it.