Synthetic Wisdom

April 5, 2021

This demo album is a step up from previous work, as it should be. I'm still teaching myself sound design, and engineering. The album sounds pretty polished this time though and I'm reasonably happy with my engineering progress. Keep an eye out, I've been working toward getting more professional at sound design lately. I should have some more work up soon.

Download*Audio download exceeds streaming quality.
  • My Bow and Arrow NOISEPRISM - Synthetic Wisdom 4:37
  • The Fair of Life NOISEPRISM - Synthetic Wisdom 2:48
  • Heavy Purpose NOISEPRISM - Synthetic Wisdom 4:02
  • Pickled Peppers NOISEPRISM - Synthetic Wisdom 2:57
  • To the Peak NOISEPRISM - Synthetic Wisdom 4:10
  • Just Teasing NOISEPRISM - Synthetic Wisdom 2:36
  • Apricot Branch NOISEPRISM - Synthetic Wisdom 2:28
  • The Balloon Animal NOISEPRISM - Synthetic Wisdom 2:34


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