Opinion: How Digital Ecosystems Divide & Conquer

July 8, 2019

Currently, our creativity is being harvested and used against us by powerful corporations. Big businesses are using creative techniques to “divide and conquer’” and gain a position of superiority. By incorporating Immersive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence into new Digital Ecosystems, corporations will control how, why, when, and where we express ourselves.

First and foremost, mediums like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality currently present creative barriers that will work against our best interests. Private distribution channels, high production costs, and simple convenience mean that creative individuals will soon lack the ability to distribute art outside of a controlled environment. Everyone is clamoring for attention, in all the noise, those with the personal capital to advertise will be the only ones seen. These things will prevent grassroots ideas from coming to the surface.

By using big data and machine learning, the elite will have unmatched powers to influence social change on their terms. Ideas will not bubble up into the public mind. They will trickle down into a culture of control. Corporations are not the voice of the people. They should not hold the same influence as democracies. They are looking out for their own best interest and the people at the top.

Tech has created a culture of silence and isolation by controlling all of our creative resources. We must take part in our communities, empathize with our neighbors, speak our minds, encourage each other to express ourselves and work together for the greater good. If we don’t, we will not find balance and grow as people.



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