Opinion: The importance of Strong Digital Communities

July 8, 2019

Social Networks, Search Engines, and even Cloud-Based Services linked to personal computers provide massive amounts of data to corporations. This data is processed with AI, and used for the sake of strategic business advantage, among many other things.

It’s known to many that the public transparency with these companies is practically nonexistent. Information is power and so is privacy. Big businesses know this, yet we all continue to live in fish bowls willingly. I’m not proposing that companies forfeit their privacy. However, I do feel that we need private access to our information, its monetization purposes, and the conclusions reached on our behalf. We need the ability to control our identities so that when our privacy is a concern each one of us has the power to contain and rectify it to the best of our abilities.

Secondly, I propose a digital network, not based on the current central nervous system approach, but rather a system of open governing community networks. We should be able to find like-minded people with similar viewpoints to form a per topic system of authority so that we may speak our minds in numbers and build a consensus on how to solve our world problems, both digital and physical.

Many consider the internet the Wild West, an ideology that needs to containment so that we don’t have chaos in the world. Currently, big businesses hold more power than many governments. Technology is an extension of the self and our communities. If we base our system of order solely on money and not the concerns of our communities, then there will eventually be one powerful entity that rises to the top and rules us all.