About: Pre-Innovation Art

July 8, 2019

I think it is fair to say that innovation is America’s pride and joy. We are a society of business and creativity. We have developed new infrastructures that enhance how we as human beings experience our lives, organizations that influence our social behaviors, and systems that change how we perceive our existence.

The question is, are we creating a dystopia or a utopia with our life’s work. It is clear to me that we must step away from the blinders of our forward-thinking initiates, even just for a moment, and objectivity check to see how our innovations affect us for better or for worse.

I am proposing that we take one of America’s greatest bar for success and create an artistic movement from it, one that merges art, design & technology.

This art includes proof of concepts for fictional entities that speak to our engagement with technology and the potential benefits and pitfalls of future innovation. Much like “Black Mirror” yet more granular and on a per-application basis. This analysis will help us to see how new applications may affect us for better or worse and allow us public discourse.