Gallery Visitor: Spatial Creative Media Network

July 8, 2019

For many people in the field of Media Art, Artificial Intelligence poses a threat. In interactive, it is the fear that it will eliminate the need for many common user interface patterns. Although the need to work in silence is enough in itself to not fear AI, it’s not the only reason why I believe that visual communication will be even more relevant in the future than it is now. In this article, I will outline how a new kind of social network will allow brands and Individuals to visually communicate in Augmented Reality.

In June 2016, on my site “Honey Dynamite,”  I outlined what I believe will be the basis for a new extended reality (XR) internet network. 3D has the potential to be a more all-encompassing medium than a traditional website. Much like the web, creations can consist of many things including 3D models, HTML5, Video, Images, and Audio to name a few. In XR though it can also be placed in the real world or on a globe.

The concepts I laid out on my site “Honey Dynamite” later turned into the basis of my project “Gallery Visitor” (October 2016) Gallery Visitor is essentially a feed reader or reblog network for XR. Users subscribe to feeds and see other creatives media art in real-world private or public spaces. This will essentially allow selective viewing of what could be considered a new kind of street art, potentially lessening the motivation for physical graffiti.

In this form, internet publishers will be able to produce quality content and support it via ads for products and services. Agencies will have a new medium that will empower them to create unique brand messages. For example, a website could go on a telephone pole or ads could use product placement with micro-interactions such as interactive games and puzzles to solicit their products or services.

Artists’ will be able to place their Media Art in a feed and others will have the opportunity to purchase it as a watermarked edition and view it whenever they please. People will curate the work they own, and this art will rise in value over the years. There could also be a network that pays people for product placement in their feeds.

Mainly, the idea I outlined will be the new internet in my opinion, and it should be free and open to all of us. This should be in the form of a browser, not a proprietary social network.

I hope to see great ideas come from this.



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