The Fundamentals of Language and Beauty

December 31, 2022
By Cody Pallo

For all of you who have ever had your life destroyed by the early suicide of a parent, or a neglectful one, or one that’s beaten you, or bullies that have, or any other sort of horrific abuse you’ve endured and then found solace in creating beauty in this world. That goal of doing it for the betterment of society, that dream to strive for, of doing it every day, the star to reach for that saved you from creating horrors in this world instead, will eventually be, collectively, democratized.

If you have lived this life, you have witnessed this beauty slowly taken from you. Those art classes you took after school, maybe the special school you went to for gifted kids, the art college you paid a fortune for, the difficult task of climbing from Jr. to Senior creative or recognized for your accomplishments in some way. Cherish them, because you are likely in the last generation who was barely able to capitalize on them.

This year we have witnessed the beginning of the end of our ability to achieve something fundamental or much further make a living with our life’s creative work. If at all unique or interesting, it will be used to manifest a new form of beauty, one spoken from our minds in all medias, projected to one another instantly and used to share the most potent form of creative expression, language.

The question is, what are we supposed to do with ourselves now. I strongly support a basic living income. It may seem outlandish but half of society is this creative type I speak of and there aren’t enough jobs in this world to keep us creative anymore. Don’t let your life be destroyed by a thankless society. All employed creatives should fight for their governments to compensate them for their life’s work.