The Scene, Unseen

February 3, 2022

This album is about acknowledging unseen artistic innovation. The role of the artist is being undermined by heavily funded design teams who make big data inspired, purely profit driven, manipulative machine based content, not art. This form of creativity lacks human soul and can only be derived from appropriating styles from lesser known, more holistically invested creative individuals. It’s conceived of solely as a way to influence markets and offers total disregard for the true originators passionate selfless hard work. Content design is not an act of love, it fundamentally undermines our free will. Instead, Art has a vital humanizing role in the world, it encourages us to think for ourselves. Album was partially composed using an original Nintendo Gameboy.

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  • Go Deep The Scene, Unseen 2:45
  • Levitate The Scene, Unseen 2:46
  • Wild Fire The Scene, Unseen 1:58
  • The Deal The Scene, Unseen 3:12