NOISEPRISM (Cody Pallo) is a machine that produces sound bubbles which float through the void, enter your ears, and pop within your head.

Bow to the Crowd


Date: 7/16/2022

Label: The Wasn't

Description: Sleepy Mario is in a dream. In it, damsel in distress, Princess Peach needs help. He climbs a beanstalk to get to the world she’s been taken to. In an attempt to find her, he enters a ghost house, gains super powers from facing his fears, and then fights his way through challenges and foes to achieve rewards. Finally he needs to work his way through more struggles, which lead him to his foe Bowser, and ultimately to the Princess.


The Meaning of NOISEPRISM

The name "NOISEPRISM" is inspired by the random collection of noises and moving light dots the original tube television's made when there wasn't a broadcast signal. This experience represents, in many peoples minds, our desire to find clarity when we lack meaning. "NOISEPRISM" embodies synthesizing what is invisible, the broadcast signal that while there or not, connects both creator and audience though our imagination.


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