NOISEPRISM (Cody Pallo) is a machine that produces sound bubbles which float through the void, enter your ears, and pop within your head.

Programmers and Musicians


Date: 08/02/2022

Label: The Wasn't

Description: New Music Video and Single and concept for what I call hyper-broadcasting. This concept video is dedicated to AR/VR technologists working to better the world, with your curiosity and creativity this concept could become a reality. AR/VR technology will change the world in bizarre ways. Artists need less exploitation and more monetization of their work. This video illustrates a concept that I have pitched to a client. It is also a work of art. Think of this video as a conversation between two people. The world needs art, it should be a basic human right to express ourself without the need for targeted ads and surveillance. How we see life can be non-linear in real time. With the help of AI we can communicate with graphic design to make art or also make a condensed precise statement. Such as the result of a brainstorm might bring. I used it in the beginning to get your attention. It’s very easily worded as real-time-brainstorming or hyper-broadcasting.


The Meaning of NOISEPRISM

The name "NOISEPRISM" is inspired by the random collection of noises and moving light dots the original tube television's made when there wasn't a broadcast signal. This experience represents, in many peoples minds, our desire to find clarity when we lack meaning. "NOISEPRISM" embodies synthesizing what is invisible, the broadcast signal that while there or not, connects both creator and audience though our imagination.


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